Kendra Bosse
Kendra Bosse

Kalahari Website Re-design

Kalahari Water Parks are located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and Sandusky, Ohio. They are some of the largest indoor waterparks in the country. Their logo is an elephant, and their decor is African style.


Kalahari Waterpark: Website Re-design

The updated Kalahari website design creates a space that is inviting, fun, and user friendly for both children and parents. The style is updated and the color palette is simplified. The site uses a modern take on traditional African patterns, which are prominent in the physical space but absent in the web experience.

The site is designed to be responsive, so that it will be functional and useable on any screen size, from mobile to tablet to desktop. The photos are taken form the current website and Pixabay, and Kalahari would hire a professional photographer to capture each of the rides, and the park visitors.

Screens here represent the homepage and indoor waterpark rides info page on the desktop / tablet and mobile. Below is the message and page that would appear if the page were unavailable.