Kendra Bosse
Kendra Bosse

Giraffe's Trunk

Giraffe's Trunk: Craft Wine

Giraffe's Trunk is made in South Africa. It is a boxed wine aimed at a new market, craft beer drinkers. Millennials are drawn to the word 'craft' as they believe it identifies a product that has been made with care, skill and quality. The package resembles vintage traveling trunks, and has authentic feeling travel stickers and leather texture and straps. In researching the growing wine industry in South Africa, we learned that there are refuges for giraffes near by. Some proceeds from each package sold will go to protect these giraffes from poachers.

The trunk shape serves to show the benefits of purchasing boxed wine: it's portability and ability to hold large volumes. The social media posts above highlight these advantages while featuring the brand in a noticeable and memorable way.

The project was in collaboration with Abby Dillon and David Sciortino. We developed packaging, social media, and an in-store display.