Kendra Bosse
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The Container Store

The Container Store: Back to School College Campaign


Leading specialty retailer of storage for homes and businesses. Main goal: help people simplify their lives. This brand update and campaign was a collaborative project between myself, Abigail Dillon, Katelyn Ratajczak, Shelby Logan, and Teddy Viera.


Through research, we realized that the current branding and advertising was missing the college demographic, though many of their products are perfect for college students and young adults moving away from home.


The brand is updated to differentiate itself from competitors. The color palette is more vibrant and eye-catching, and iconic patterns are versatile and recognizable. Moving away from home and going to school is a time of uncertainty, worry, and new possibilities, and The Container Store helps to provide products that bring order to this chaos.

Primary Research

Target Audience

Brand Refresh

Dorm Welcome Mat

Social Media Video


In-Store Display: Sliding Shelf

Thank You Kit

Dumpster Ad